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Board President

Veva Islas
Education is the cornerstone of progress and personal growth . It empowers individuals to reach their full potential , broadens their horizons , and equips them with the tools to navigate an ever-changing world . Through education , we gain knowledge , critical thinking skills , and a deeper understanding of the world around us . It fosters innovation , tolerance , and empathy , making our society more inclusive and prosperous . In essence , education is the key to a brighter future for individuals and the world as a whole .
addresses disparities that have long hindered progress . I invite you to turn the page and get


Bob Nelson
I am thrilled about our district ’ s renewed commitment to literacy through our Every Child is a Reader plans ! As we continue to prioritize the holistic development of our students , literacy forms the cornerstone of their academic success and lifelong learning .
In collaboration with dedicated educators , parents , and community partners , we are launching innovative initiatives to foster a love for reading and writing . From enhanced classroom resources to engaging literacy events , we are creating an environment where every student can thrive .
Literacy is not just a skill ; it ' s a pathway to empowerment and understanding . By instilling a passion for words , we empower our students to think critically , express themselves
feature story in this issue for more .

Chief Communications Officer

Nikki Henry
contributions in arts , sports , and community service , our students continue to shine brightly .
commitment and creativity , ensuring a dynamic and nurturing learning environment for all . Additionally , we are proud to share the inspiring stories of our accomplished alumni who are
is a springboard to success .
Join us in celebrating these remarkable stories , embodying the spirit of excellence that
their greatest potential .