FACES of Fresno Unified SPRING 2024 | Page 3

board president susan wittrup

I am thrilled to invite the community to explore the vibrant pages of the Faces of Fresno Unified digital magazine . Within each issue , you ' ll find a rich tapestry of stories showcasing the exceptional students and dedicated staff members who contribute to the remarkable community we have here at Fresno Unified . It ' s important to highlight the achievements , talents , and the incredible diversity that characterizes our district , and this publication does just that , offering a glimpse into the many experiences and backgrounds that enrich our educational landscape .
As the board president , I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to witness firsthand the passion and dedication of our students and staff . Each story shared in this magazine serves as a testament to the collective strength and resilience of our community . So , I encourage you to take a moment to look through the pages , celebrate our successes , and join me in expressing gratitude for the wonderful individuals who make Fresno Unified such a special place .
Welcome to the spring edition of our Faces of Fresno Unified digital magazine , celebrating the remarkable journeys of our students , dedicated staff , and accomplished alumni !

Superintendent Bob Nelson

As we showcase the extraordinary stories within our vibrant community , we find inspiration in the resilience , creativity , and achievements that define Fresno Unified . From the classrooms to the broader community , every page unfolds a narrative of passion , growth , and success . We invite you to join us in recognizing the incredible individuals who contribute to our shared legacy of excellence .

Together , we build bridges to success , fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation . Get ready to be inspired by the stories that embody the heart and soul of Fresno Unified . Thank you for being a part of our inspiring journey ! ryChief communications officer nikki hen

I am elated to announce that our Faces of Fresno Unified digital magazine has achieved the pinnacle of recognition — an Award of Excellence from the California School Public Relations Association ( CalSPRA )!
This prestigious accolade celebrates the magazine ' s beauty , authenticity , and its power to inspire not only our Fresno Unified family but school districts across the state . The transformative stories , captivating visuals , and unwavering authenticity showcased in our magazine have ignited a spark in others . Inspired by our success , several school districts have embarked on their own journey to create digital magazines .
This award is a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our wonderful community . I ’ m incredibly grateful to my Communications team for the tireless work to create this masterpiece , getting better and better with every edition . Join us in celebrating this milestone and the boundless inspiration that Faces of Fresno Unified continues to share !